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The doctors of ALCASE Italia will be happy to replay to one or two GENERAL questions concerning the cancer of the lung and its medical issues, including treatment.

To ask for a medical (second) opinion

Do not write us, if this is the case. We could not be of help by mail: to express a valid opinion, we need a careful evaluation of all the available documents and the physical presence of the patient (for physical and pshycological evaluation).

If you still want a second opinion

call the 0039-339.2396116, Monday through Friday, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, and ask for Dr. Buccheri (normally a donation of 500 Euro to ALCASE Italia is required before taking any appointment).

Your donation to ALCASE Italia will help us to maintain it alive and, ultimately, will be a donation to the next person bitten by the disease!…