Our mission our activities

ALCASE Italia has the same mission statment and has the same fields of activities of ALCASE:

Education… information you need to get the best care

Support… you’re not alone

Advocacy… people taking action to change the course of lung cancer

Of course, our activities are focused to the Italian people and tailored to their way of feeling and acting, and take into account the reality of the modern Italian society.

It follows that our activitis are of limited interest for the International visitor and, because of this consideration, we have renounced to translate them into English.

However, for any visitor who understands Italian, the following links will guide through the many pages normally accessable to Italians:

educare il pubblico alla conoscenza di questa malattia in tutti i suoi aspetti (EDUCATION)

offrire solidarietà, materiale e psicologica, ai malati ed ai loro cari (SUPPORT)

patrocinare iniziative che contengano l’idea di lotta al cancro del polmone (ADVOCACY)